“Legacy is a peaceful haven in a world of crazy – keeps me centered, healthy and sane!”


“I can’t thank Monica enough for all she did to help us get our miracle baby. The support, guidance, research, and caring she provided and continues to offer is truly amazing and a testament to the great healer that she is.” - Richfield, MN

“I count this practice as a life-changing experience and one that I plan to continue. Visiting Monica’s office is always a peaceful, health-filled experience. I feel heard, respected, and cared for. My body, both inside and out, have changed for the better while I have been under her care.” - Minneapolis, MN

“I love coming to Legacy Wellness because I know the treatment I receive from Monica will be thorough and individualized in a relaxed, warm and welcoming environment. She takes care to pay attention to the details and strives to make sure my health goals are being met. I like that she looks outside the box when looking for the best treatment option(s) to meet my needs whether it be food as medicine, aromatherapy, herbs, etc.” - St. Paul, MN

“Monica has helped changed the way I live my life. Through acupuncture treatments I have gained relaxation from daily stressors as well as relief from painful joints and muscles. Monica has also changed my overall wellness and diet with her extensive knowledge about food, digestion, and herbal remedies. She approaches every issue with kindness, persistence and commitment.” - Minneapolis, MN

“I went to Monica for gastrointestinal problems which I had experienced for several years. I have received several treatments and I continue to improve. I also had elbow pain and she was able to remove the pain and stiffness in only a few visits. Monica is thorough, knowledgeable, and well-organized in her approach to healing. She’s a great listener too, and in my experience that’s an important quality in a health care practitioner. Her attitude is one of respect and her professional goal is to reinforce my body’s efforts to heal and balance itself. I highly recommend her for whatever ails you.” - Wayzata, MN

“I have a history of migraines and pain/tightness in the neck, shoulders, and back. I used to get headaches weekly, and at least once a month turning into a migraine. Since I’ve been going to acupuncture I haven’t had a headache and we’ve been working regularly on other bodily ailments and tension areas as they arise. With higher levels of stress in my life, acupuncture treatments have given me a much needed time-out from the daily grind to focus my attention on my body. Even just an hour a week has helped immensely.” - Minneapolis, MN

“When I met Monica of Legacy Wellness, I had just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was constantly tired and sick on a monthly basis. Ever since working with her, my energy and health has improved ten-fold and I can now teach my 5:45 a.m. boot camp classes and many more every week without missing a beat! Thank you Monica!” - Minneapolis, MN

“Monica is a great acupuncturist and I would highly recommend her, as her treatments have greatly benefited me. She has a great bedside manner, and performs acupuncture in a very soothing and painless manner. I leave every appointment feeling much more healthy and relaxed than when I came in. As a person suffering from IBS, her acupuncture treatments are one of the only things that have provided me with relief.” - St. Paul, MN

“Acupuncture has been helpful for pain reduction, faster healing, increased energy, and overall health. I have not missed a day of work for illness for 2.5 years!” - Plymouth, MN

“I have suffered from chronic shoulder pain on my right side due to my work (I spend most of my time either on the computer or doing hair). Monica treated me several times through acupuncture and was able to minimize the aching and pain dramatically. My husband also suffered from low back pain which Monica was able to successfully treat. Working with Monica was both my husband’s and my first experience with acupuncture. Monica made us feel comfortable, listened-to and at ease during the process. We will see Monica for future treatments and would highly recommend her.” - St. Louis Park, MN

“I had been experiencing crippling vertigo for 3 weeks. I wasn’t able to work, drive a car and couldn’t even rock in my favorite rocking chair. To lessen the symptoms of the vertigo, I avoided moving fast and kept my head straight. After 3 weeks of limited movement, my neck was sore and stiff. I also started experiencing headaches. I made an appointment at my primary clinic who scheduled me for a CT scan of the head. While waiting for the scan, Monica performed acupuncture on my neck. Within minutes after the session, my headache was gone, I moved my neck freely and had feeling in my neck that I didn’t know I lost. Monica’s treatment worked! Oh, and by the way, the CT scan was negative!” - St. Cloud, MN

“I’ve had mosquito bites that hurt more than her needles!” - Edina, MN