Behind the Scenes 2016: From August through December I continued to study Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine with Heiner Fruehauf, Ph.D., Lic. Ac., the founding professor of the school of Classical Chinese Medicine and the clinical director of the Hai Shan Center in Oregon. This year my research has focused on what many doctors consider the most difficult disease to treat– the common cold. I agree with Heiner who says, "We must never violate the self-healing ability of the body, which is often what Western medicine is doing– suppressing the body in many ways." By prescribing herbal medicine to treat acute illnesses, I have the ability to support my patient's natural response to pathogens– often able to stop the progression of the common cold or flu if treated at an early stage. Or, if treated with herbs throughout the various stages of illness, herbal medicine can significantly reduce the severity and duration of the symptoms experienced by the patient. Each herbal prescription is uniquely chosen and customized for the individual. No two patients receive the exact same remedy, even if they are both experiencing what we call a "common" cold. Each body is different; therefore, treating the person, not the disease, is why there should never be any negative side-effects from traditional Chinese herbal remedies. The herbal formulas used in my clinic at Legacy Wellness represent the culmination of clinical and scholarly experience, as well as the passing of an herbal legacy through Heiner and the many master healers I have worked with. Together with my team of teachers, I am proud to stand at the forefront of a global movement aimed at restoring the clinical efficacy of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. #acupuncture #herbalmedicine #behindthescenes #knowledgeispower #healing

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